Empty (waltz)


Verse 1:

At night I lie in bed

I think of you and the days we spent

You don’t know this now

But there’s unspoken truth I have kept


Pre Chorus:

There’s no one else I’d rather see

Where you are is where I wanna be

What I would do to go back in time?

Darling would you be mine?



If I turn and go back

Would you run fast to hold me?

If I jump and scrape my knee

Would you be there to kiss me?

If I lose my way to you

Would you please come and find me?

Without you things feel empty



Verse 2:

There will be clouds above our heads

Oh, my darling, just look ahead

All that I ask is one more day

To let the light shine our way

Reach the Stars


Verse 1:

I whisper words you never heard

I’m holding truths I left unsaid

My lips are sealed, my mind is on the brink

Is there a place for you and I

Where we can climb all mountains high

And see the rainbows red and blue and green?

Just you and me

Where we can fly high

And reach the start

Just you and me


Verse 2:

Wash away my fears with love

And hold me close until it’s dark

Tomorrow comes, a new beginning waits

Where flowers bloom and never die

And I can look deep in your eyes

Is it too late for both of us to be

Just you and me

Where we can fly high

And reach the start

Just you and me


Verse 3:

Are you listening my dear

Do you understand the song I sing

Of love and promises that I will keep?

Just think of all our memories

Of photographs and books we read

I hope our roads will cross then we can be

Just you and me

Where we can fly high

And reach the start

Just you and me



You and I will climb mountains so high

Empty (pop)


Verse 1:

At night I lie in bed

I think of you and the day we spent

You don’t know this now

But there’s unspoken truth I have kept


Pre Chorus:

And there’s no one else I would rather see

Where you are is where I want to be



What if I turn and go back?

Would you run fast to hold me?

What if I jump and scrape my knee?

Would you be there to kiss me?

And if I lose my way to you

Will you please come and find me, oh

‘Cause without you things feel empty


Verse 2:

Clouds will be above our heads

My darling just look ahead

I ask for one more day

To let the light shine our way

Across the Ocean


Verse 1:

I saw you far away and then I just knew

Colour’s much brighter standing next to you

But I am here and you are there

Take my hand, let’s go anywhere

My heart’s been bruised I was 21

I was broken into pieces deep, deep down

The things that I learned from a painful past

How the present is clearer when you face your fears


Pre Chorus:

What could have been what isn’t yet

Will you remember or forget?



If I turn left instead of right

Will that road lead me close to you, come hold me tight

I’ll be your brave, you’ll be my light

Come swim with me will cross the ocean tonight


Verse 2:

I loved some guys that I barely knew

I cried some nights wondering where are you

I crash and burn then you came along

You got me back up, I am scared no more



Verse 1:

Lately, I’ve been thinking of all the words to say

Is it the colour of your eye or me and my desire?

Lately, I’ve been wondering, are we meant to be?

Is it a simple yes or no, or will I have to let you go?



So many questions, too little time

The right place, the right time is now

I want you to know, there’s more to me than I show

But I’m not waiting tomorrow


Verse 2:

Lately, I’ve been dreaming, the way you look at me

Tell me that you’ll stay, meet me halfway

Lately, I’ve been calling out for your name

Is it all just in my head, or are we close to the end?

One Inch Closer


Verse 1:

Photographs fade and distance grows

When the heart breaks nobody knows

Summer changes, leaves fall off from trees

What remains is our memory



So, I’ll keep breathing, I’ll be singing

Until I’m one inch closer to you

Yeah, I’ll keep going, I’ll be racing

Until I’m one inch closer to you


Verse 2:

Sky gets hazy when you’re not here

What I would give just to be near

Tears may run, but I’ll be strong

Wait for me, I won’t be too long



Every breath I take, every step I make

Every word I say, every song I sing

Brings me one inch closer



For a while, I’ve been lurking through this Facebook page where married women post anonymously and ask the members of that group for advices.

Different women, same dramas, same problems. So, I decided to write my 428 cents in the hopes to enlighten, empower, and maybe, just maybe, put a little bit of direction to those who are lost.

Disclaimer: I am not Egyptian, and I know there is a massive cultural difference, but I still believe that love is universal, so, here we are.

This started out as a response to Confession No. 1661, but halfway through, I started writing about the common, recurring sentiments that most women in this group share. So, I thought I’ll post it here instead.

My problem with Egyptian standards is that a lot of people are blinded by noise and clutter. (Sex isn’t good, he’s not financially stable, I’m afraid his mum will make my life miserable, I don’t like his sisters, he had past relationships. I had past relationships. Blah, blah, blah.)

Ok, I’ve lived in Cairo for 5 years and I understand the culture, and how people think, and I respect it. But IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT I AGREE WITH IT.

Financial status is not an issue. Educational background and social class is not an issue. The issue here is how well you know each other, and whether or not you know him enough to actually say ‘yes, I love him and can accept him for who he is–both his good and his bad.’ Because that is what love is. Finding a partner is not about how big the stone on your finger is. It’s about accepting each other’s past, living together in the present, and working together to build a future.

I’m writing this in the context that we are all women in this group, and I can go on and on about how I think relationships work/fail. And honestly, ladies, WE TAKE THE LOVE WE THINK WE DESERVE.

Of course we shouldn’t settle for anything less, (we heard this so many times because if it was that easy, no one would have to repeatedly remind you.) But the problem that I see in most of the confessions is that it’s coming from women who are lost, broken, scared, insecure, and unhappy.

So, how about we start by finding ourselves and understanding who we really are? (In this case who YOU are.) Be the person you want to be (it’s never too late, I promise you. Even if you’re single, engaged, married, divorced, young, old, it’s never too late. You can still work on a goal and achieve that goal. Start over if you have to.)

Then, mature a little bit–meaning, understand what it is that you want for yourself, what kind of partner are you looking for? But most importantly, what kind of partner are you? Relationships will not take off if it’s one sided. Both people involved have to put effort and time to cultivate it. But before you jump to a relationship, ask yourself: if you strip this man off his educational background, social class, financial status–WHAT WILL BE LEFT OF HIM? Does he have values? Does he have respect? Does he have integrity? Because a good man is not defined by his family or his background, or the noise that surrounds him. A good man is defined by his actions, motivations, and intentions.

And for those women whose problems are about their husbands wanting them to strip tease or lap dance for them, or to those women who think they have a problem because their husbands don’t enjoy sleeping with them, or their husbands tell them that they’re boring, and not good and blah blah blah… First of all, I commend you, because you show dedication in your marriage and how you ladies are willing to move mountains for your husbands. But the same dedication is also breaking my heart because you are even considering that something is wrong with you. Let me ask you this, will your husband move mountains for you too? Will he go through that length to satisfy you? Will he put you on his priority list? Will he give you time and attention and dedication? Everything takes practice, sex even more. But it will not improve on its own. Just like everything else.

I’ve also read confessions about women in dilemmas, asking the community if they should be honest about their past. I’ve read comments saying, no don’t tell your boyfriend/fiancé/husband this or that because it will cause problems. I’m not perfect and I don’t tell my partner everything, but I make sure that when I’m with someone, my conscience is clear and that he is with me because of who I am and not because of who he thinks I am. I will always choose to be liked for who I am than be adored for who I am not. Stay true to yourself, woman. And if your bf/fiancé/husband can’t handle the truth, then he doesn’t deserve all the good that comes with you. Another way to go about this is making sure that you are honest with the other person before the relationship even starts. Like, SERIOUSLY, NEVER (and I say never ever) START ANYTHING UNLESS YOU REALLY REALLY KNOW THE PERSON, AND THAT PERSON REALLY REALLY KNOWS YOU. If you were both honest before the relationship starts, then you wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place. We expect men to accept our past–to accept us for who we are, right? Let me tell you this, YOU will also have to make peace with your past.

Your past makes you who you are today. And I know women shouldn’t be sleeping with men unless they’re married (in Egypt.) But if you had, (first of all, always practice safe sex) let me tell you this, the only thing that went wrong was you fell in love with the wrong person. And there is nothing wrong with that. Recognising that you loved the wrong person is not a sin, or a mistake, or a weakness, but rather a STRENGTH and a sign of MATURITY that you are taking responsibility of your actions, that you have learned from it, and that you are so much WISER now.

I can only hope that everyone here will be in relationships that are meaningful, and genuine, and devoid of noise and clutter.

We’re Too Old For That


I’m scared

Deeply terrified to L____

God! I can’t even say it

I don’t even know if I’m still capable to fall in l____

Because I think we’re too old for that

I’ve had my heart broken

Not just once

Not twice

I’ll be lucky if I can say

It’s been three times

You can imagine I lost count

In the same way I lost faith in happily ever after


It’s a whole lot of crap!


All lies!

But who cares? we’re too old for that

So, I’m just going to act like I don’t care

I’m just going to check my phone every minute

Until it sucks the life out of me

I’m just going to get a heart failure

When that  person has seen my message on facebook

Or read my message on whatsapp

And I will act like it doesn’t mean a thing

Because we’re too old for that

I will pretend that I’m not looking forward

Seeing that person on Friday

Pretend it’s no big deal if he does not reply

Pretend I don’t want to know his favorite color

Favorite movie, ice cream flavor

Because it’s all crap

And we’re too old for that

L-O-V-E is the Voldemort of our vocabulary

It must not be named!

So, we call it everything else but

Physical attraction

Mutual affection

Emotional connection

Chemical reaction?

I meant chemistry, you know? Spark! Boom!

It’s for pleasure, for fun!

Summer fling

Winter romance

The spring that we’re always waiting for

Even if it’s something casual and temporary

We call it an affair

Friends with benefits

Fuck buddies

A fling

A thing

For crying out loud that’s right

It’s an interest

A quest

A challenge

A crush

The never ending cat and mouse game

Mind games

The impossible chase

Different labels, different names

We call it anything else but l____

Because we’re too old for that

We want no pressure

No obligation

No responsibility

No nothing, because what?

We’re too old for that

We are not going to get ourselves hurt

Because we know better

We’re so much wiser

We learned from previous mistakes

And damn right!

We’re too old for that!

It can’t be l____

That’s why we build this wall

And push people away

No one is allowed to come too close

No one can be let in

The door is locked, sorry!

So, we try to act real cool

We pretend that we have our shit together

When we’re totally uncool

And freaking out within.

Why can’t it be l____

Because it’s too soon

Because we’re only hanging out

Or seeing each other

No commitment

No strings attached

And heaps of other excuses

Because we’re too old for that

We want the emotional satisfaction

Minus the drama and complication

Because we’re too old for that

So, we choose to be in the grey

In the blur

In that shallow and empty space

Between nothing and something that could be more

No one wants to be the crazy chic

Who’s clingy

No one wants to be the creepy dude

Who’s possessive

And yet!

We crave for that person to say it first

For that other person to l____ us more

We will never admit it

Because we’re too old for that

Look at us–grown ups

Mature individuals we call ourselves

Yet we’re really none the wiser

It’s sad and tragic

We can’t even take charge of our own feelings

Honestly though

We have to stop torturing ourselves

Stop pretending

Stop acting

Stop asking why she hasn’t replied

Or why he hasn’t called back

And just fucking tell them, damn it!

Seriously, lao haiz ahwa

Matotlob shishay

Jack truly and deeply fell for Rose

And we all know how that story went down

But that’s not the point

The point is

They were able to recognize and acknowledge their feelings

On board a ship

In a fucking, sinking ship.

So, unless you’re in a ship

That’s bound to hit a massive iceberg

Just LOVE!

And love proud!

For once!

Do yourself a big favor

And just stop playing it safe

Love even when it’s inconvenient

Love in small doses

Love all at once

Go nuclear

Love the way you want to be loved

Love intentionally

Love unintentionally

Fall in love with all your totality

And know that you might actually have a shot at it this time

Tell them

Please, tell them

For them

But most importantly for you

What we need is to break down that wall

Dive head in first

Cross over

Stay true to yourself and love

And no matter what anyone else tells you

You’re never too old for that

Shall we go get coffee?


Having coffee with you is even more fun than going back to Sydney
Or feeling tipsy and looking silly after a few sips of white wine
Or watching Pride and Prejudice
Maybe because in your red shirt, you look way more handsome and happier than Mr. Darcy
Maybe because of how I feel for you
Maybe because of your love for greek salad, and pistachios, and marshmallows, and yoghurt
Maybe because of your aleshes and tickles to no end
Maybe because you think you’re funny
Maybe because of the reflection of the moon over the sea when we are crossing Ain Sokhna
Maybe because the clouds above our heads take the shape of popcorn which remind me of how you try to pop the un-popped corn heads left sitting at the bottom of the popcorn box
Maybe because of the meanings behind our smiles
Maybe because you understand my obsession with ashtrays
Maybe because you got me an ashtray
Maybe because you know what I’m talking about when I say free shipping costs and installments

It is hard to believe that there can be anything as quiet and still when I’m with you
Especially at 3 o’clock in the morning when we are drifting back and forth
Between each other
Breathing heavily, breathing lightly
Slow then fast
Fast then slow
Like the trees swaying to the direction of the wind
Like the waves crashing on the shore
Like the dusts swirling and surrendering to gust
We are a violent vortex
Sandstorm in the middle of the desert
A broken pipe on the open highway
Tornado on a calm evening
And I can imagine our neighbors wanting to knock on our door

I look at you and I would rather look at you than the prettiest horizon
Or sunrise
Or sunset
Or windmills
Or mountains
All the landscapes in Egypt seem to fade away when you are beside me
And the focus of the lenses just zooms in on you
On the lines that appear around your lips
On the weight of your stare each time our eyes meet
The fact that you move so swiftly and your boyish charm more or less takes care of everything
When eating with your left hand
When driving
When wakeboarding
When dancing

Thank heavens I have the right person to dance with
To travel with
To watch the stars with
To appreciate the simplicity and complexity of the sky
To laugh with on the littlest and biggest of things
To kiss in the morning
In the afternoon
And even more at night
To be innocent with
To be not innocent with
Even if it’s only for now
Skimmed milk, no foam, two sugars
That’s us
That’s you and I in a cup

Salsa DJ-ing For Dummies


Dear Mr. DJ,

I am going to be honest here. And not just honest-honest, but brutally honest. So, if you can’t handle that, stop reading now. I don’t mean to offend, I just want you to improve! (And I’m doing this for the greater good because I’m so tired hearing the same comments again and again that you suck. It hurts because it’s true, and it hurts more because you are not doing anything about it!)

Maybe you’re not cut out to be a DJ, but don’t worry, we’ll try to fix that! Fake it until you make it, right? But you have been faking it since I remember you starting to play music at salsa socials and you haven’t made it yet. Boy, that’s like three years ago and we still have a long way to go!

I’m only giving you two options here: either give up, or do something about it, damnit!

If you choose to give up, you will be doing all of us a big favor! Thank you very much! I hope I don’t see you in the music booth ever again. But we all know that’s just my wishful thinking. Because you will be there at your throne week after week. So, for the love of salsa your career, please, do something about it!

1. Never play the same song twice. I mean come on! Too many salsa songs, an abundance of salsa artists and even remixes, and you’re playing El Nazareno twice? Really?!

2. Remember that you are a DJ, not an iPod. I know that after Baila Mi Hermano, you will play La Excelencia. And after that song, you will play that Prince Royce bachata song. I have memorized your playlist and I don’t even have a good memory! Why else do we have a DJ if you’re just going to be an iPod?

3. Give me an answer. Know your music, mate. You’re a DJ, music is supposed to be your best friend. So, when I ask you for a title of a certain song that you just played two minutes ago, you don’t tell me that you don’t know because I will throw Armageddon shit at you! You don’t tell me that it’s track 13! You. Just. Can’t. Do. That.

4. Entertain us. Stop it, I’m not going to ask you to do cartwheels or join a circus or start a belly dance. I’m not even asking you to be like DJ Tono La Conga or DJ Henry Knowles. Let’s keep it real. I just need you to give us variety. Spin music that will make us, salsa dancers, want to get up on our feet and dance. That’s not even a hard thing to do considering we already want to dance in the first place. Salseros and salseras already did 50% of your job. Now all you have to do is play good music. Surprise us with something NEW, something we never heard before!

5. Observe. Guess what, you don’t even have to know how to dance salsa. You just have to know your crowd. Are we sitting down? How is the overall mood? Is the floor empty? Do we look like we’d rather go home? Are we dancing because you’re playing awesome music? Or are we dancing because we have no other choice? You’re not blind, you can see that energy levels are dropping. Do. Something.

6. And lastly, but I think the most important of all, if you’re going to call yourself a DJ, at least love music. In your case, salsa music! Listen to it while you’re driving. While you’re having lunch, while in the shower. Research about new tracks. Read about famous salsa DJs and listen to their sets! Listen to Latin radio channels online. I do that everyday and I’m not even a DJ. Certainly, that won’t be too difficult for someone like you who’s getting paid to play music. That’s like the least effort you can do.

See, piece of cake. I’m not even going to ask you to have a nice personality. I don’t need your personality. What I need is your music and it better be good!