Across the Ocean


Verse 1:

I saw you far away and then I just knew

Colour’s much brighter standing next to you

But I am here and you are there

Take my hand, let’s go anywhere

My heart’s been bruised I was 21

I was broken into pieces deep, deep down

The things that I learned from a painful past

How the present is clearer when you face your fears


Pre Chorus:

What could have been what isn’t yet

Will you remember or forget?



If I turn left instead of right

Will that road lead me close to you, come hold me tight

I’ll be your brave, you’ll be my light

Come swim with me will cross the ocean tonight


Verse 2:

I loved some guys that I barely knew

I cried some nights wondering where are you

I crash and burn then you came along

You got me back up, I am scared no more

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