A Book About The Guys Who Poofed is my creative nonfiction attempt in a long and winding search for Love (with a capital L) around the world. An accumulation of all the guys I have encountered since I discovered the word crush in 4th grade, this book will have you in tears from laughter and oh-my-god!-did-she-really-do-that?! moments! (Available at 2.99 usd.)


A Dance With A Boy is a romantic comedy fiction that follows the story of two dancers, Pamela and Tamer. Find out if their chemistry on the dance floor continues on after the music stops. We already know much about dating a girl who dances salsa, but what happens when we date a guy who dances salsa (Available at 2.99 usd.)


Here’s How It Works:

1. Send me an email at jennifer.hababag@icloud.com with the title of the book as subject.
2. You will receive an email requesting payment through PayPal.
3. Once payment is done, the ebook will be sent within the first hour.

Or you can get both books for 4.99 usd. Just use the word salsa as your subject.

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