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Love, just humor me for a second


Love is quite amusing. It is a paradox in 3D. You can lay down definitions after definitions, find the synonyms, search for all the antonyms, turn it 180 degrees around, and it will still be love. Makes sense? Or is it just non-sense?

When it comes to love, everyone seems to have the answers, and yet we still question why. If love is built in trust, how come we are always in doubt?

Funny how love works. It works with reason, it works without reason. You will find all the logic to give up yet you will still irrevocably hold on. It gives colors and flavor to our tasteless life, but it can also send us to that dark place of no return.

Do we even realize how frightfully powerful Love can be? A genius in love can turn dumb in a snap. The strongest becomes the weakest. The sane becomes a little bit mental. Shower the saddest person in the world with just a tiny touch of love and see that person become the happiest, as though love is something greater than winning the lottery. Scary. Funny. Creepy. Silly.

Isn’t it ironic when you are always looking for love and it always feels like no one wants to come along? And then just when you are this close to giving up on love, there it comes–knocking at your front door. Sometimes, it even seems that if you really want to fall in love, all you have to do is shout to the world that you never want to fall in love again, and kaboom! You’ll find love lurking outside your window, flirting with you, and you will more than willingly flirt back.

When it comes to all of my friends’ love problems, I can come up with a two-hour monologue, three-page theory, and a formula to their situations. Sometimes, I even think I’d make so much more money than Dr. Phil should I start working as Dr. Love. But when it comes to my own love problems, the same advices that I have given and used to solve my friends’ dilemmas just never seem to work. Funny, because I’m pretty sure there is nothing wrong in my advices, and yet it seems that there is also absolutely nothing right. And I am left scratching my head. 

What’s even funnier are those people who perfectly know that they will be hurt in the end, yet they will still dive into love, with their head on first! And when their egos and self worth are practically reduced to nothing, of course it’s not their fault. The other person will always be the one to blame! “Why did he leave me?” “Why did she hurt me?” with matching head-butt on the wall! 

Even I have fallen victim to love’s unmerciful hand a number of times. It’s not even funny. It seems I can write about it endlessly and still, I wouldn’t exactly know what I want to say. I know exactly how I feel, yet I don’t know what to call it. 

Love can be hysterically funny, but it can also be rather sad. Because when love starts playing a joke on you, you can gamble everything you have, anything you own, but at the end of the game, you will still lose it all.

Hilarious. Tragic.