Jennifer Hababag, 27, is a Filipino-Chinese who currently lives in Cairo and Sydney. Full time marketing consultant by day, full-pledge salsa dancer most nights, and freelance writer and part-time model somewhere in between, this gypsy still finds the time to go on strings of adventure and misadventure between Egypt and Australia.

Join the barefooted gypsy in all her travels, encounters, heartaches, rants, and theatrics as she takes over Cairo and Sydney (and hopefully the world,) one footstep at a time.

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  1. Loved your, “Date a girl who dances salsa”. I’ve been neglecting going our dancing for a while since my boyfriend doesn’t dance, but you’ve inspired me to go back next week! If you’ve never been, I highly recommend taking your passion to Cuba, I think you’ll have an amazing adventure there also 🙂

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